Cultural Action Group

So what is the Cultural Action Group (CAG)

The CAG was set up in May 2020 to bridge the gap between the Cultural Enquiry Report and setting up a fully working post-lockdown Cultural Compact.  The CAG is made up of over 20 leading professionals from independent artists to large scale cultural/arts establishments.
The primary and urgent purpose of the CAG is therefore to develop a strategy and action plan to address the issues now facing the cultural sector, and to stabilise and grow the local cultural ecosystem post COVID-19 lockdown by: 
  • Engaging with stakeholders and seeking a joined-up approach across sectors.
  • Working with the Council to agree the purpose and content of the conference.
  • Embracing the full diversity of culture, from community and commercial activity to the “high arts”.
  • Seeking out opportunities to promote cultural thinking within and delivery by BCP Council, institutional stakeholders and independent events and venues.
The CAG will progress its objectives through three working groups to address the priorities of the Cultural Enquiry and the cultural COVID-19 response and recovery. These are:

Cultural Recovery Working Group

Envisioning of post-lockdown world and the impact on cultural provision and participation, and the development of a recovery and repositioning strategy.

Cultural Priorities Working Group

Setting out in more detail the gaps in provision identified in the Cultural Enquiry report and prioritising remedial actions.

Cultural Engagement Working Group

Developing a strategy for engaging all local cultural stakeholders (including potential funders) in creating and maintaining a sustainable cultural ecosystem and designing a structure for the Culture Compact.

What happens next?

The three working groups will continue to meet on a fortnightly basis, with combined meetings every 6 weeks over the next 2/3 months and then present their combined recommendations to the BCP board in one overall document. This is a temporary grouping and will be replaced by a more transparently appointed Cultural Compact.