About The Cultural Compact

Culture is a key driver for positive change, socially, environmentally and economically. Our aim, as the Cultural Compact is to create new level of strategic partnerships that champions culture through a whole place approach, engaging all our communities in shaping our collective and diverse culture.

Working across sectors the Compact will connect culture, communities, education, health and wellbeing providers, business, transport, planning, the environment and tourism. We will be a catalyst for investment, creating a cohesive vision and delivery plan for culture that will result in much greater impact across the region.

Creative Culture Community Education Health Wellbeing Business Transport Planning Environment Tourism

Underpinned by the extensive consultation delivered through the Cultural Enquiry and more recently the Cultural Action Group the Compact will focus on developing a strategy and programme rooted in the three themes of talent, infrastructure and quality of place. You can read the reports from both consultation periods below:

Over the coming months we will begin to create locally rooted groups tasked with mobilising projects that fall under the three themes.